About Ella


Welcome to Ella Tarn's world, where the art of culinary creation comes alive with picture-perfect presentation and expert recipe craftsmanship. As a talented Food Stylist and Recipe Writer, Ella's passion for transforming simple ingredients into stunning visual feasts is unparalleled.

With years of experience and an eye for detail, she takes food styling to new heights, creating mouthwatering visuals that tell a delicious story. As a Le Cordon Bleu trained professional, Ella brings her refined culinary skills to every project, infusing creativity and expertise into each dish. Ella has worked in-house at award-winning Delicious Magazine and for Weight Watchers Magazine as Associate Food Editor before beginning her freelance career.

Whether you're looking to elevate your brand's food photography, craft delectable recipes that inspire, or curate a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression, Ella Tarn is your go-to expert. Step into the realm of gastronomic artistry and experience a symphony of flavours and aesthetics under Ella's masterful guidance.


Food Styling

Over a remarkable decade-long journey encompassing both in-house and freelance endeavours, Ella's craft as a Food Stylist has reached unparalleled heights. Her portfolio is a testament to her prowess in collaboration across a wide spectrum of brands and clients. Approaching each culinary challenge with unwavering dedication, Ella ensures that every dish she handles achieves its zenith in presentation, perfectly harmonising visual allure with gastronomic excellence.

Recipe Development

With a seasoned expertise in Food Styling and Recipe Writing, Ella ignites her creative spark to compose a culinary symphony through recipe development. Diving into her imaginative repertoire or meticulously following distinct guidelines, a diverse array of recipes comes to life. From effortlessly simple options to plant-based vegan delights, health-conscious innovations, and sumptuously indulgent treats, her repertoire caters to every palate.


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